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Learn the Rules of the Game to Stay Safe on the Squash Court
While it may be tempting to just jump right onto the squash court and start playing, a better choice is to learn the proper rules of the game first. When you have players armed with rackets running around as fast as they can in a confined space, you can see how that might lead to disaster. Check out the links to information on rules from squash sites from the United States and the World Squash Federation's site, along with the scoop on officiating from Squash Canada.

Video Squash Lets You Learn the Game by Observing
Check out online squash videos taken at world-class tournaments here. If you still can't get enough of the game of squash, you can order a selection of DVDs as well.

You Can Use Squash as a Cross-Training Tool
If you are used to playing a team sport, have you ever considered taking up squash as part of your cross-training fitness regime? Squash is a great way to stay agile and make sure your reaction time doesn't fall off during the off season from your other sport. This informative article makes a good argument for stepping onto a squash court instead of doing straight cardio and weight weight training.

Coach Kayler Provides Expert Squash Tips
Could your squash game benefit from some expert tips? Find out how to improve your fitness levels, use your wrist effectively, and undo bad habits. You will also discover when to hit delayed shots, why the secret to power is timing, the importance of learning the fundamentals of squash from the beginning, and much more.

Get the Basics on How to Play Hardball Squash Here
You may have heard the expression "playing hardball," and this article explains how to do that when you are playing a game of squash. Discover how to determine which squash player will serve first, how to serve properly, and the proper procedure for returning a serve. After reading this article, you will know how to keep the squash ball in play, how to score, and how many points are needed to declare a winner of the game.

Learn Squash from Canada’s #1 Ranked Pro
Shahier Razik is currently Canada’s #1 ranked squash professional. His site provides several excellent short video squash tips. Shahier Razik also runs Pro Squash Training Camps around the world, featuring the world’s top professional squash players—such as Amr Shabana, a world #1 three-time world champion—to teach the latest tactics and training methods of the modern game. The site publishes the most current schedule of dates and locations for these camps.


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