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Get Helpful Squash Tips to Help You Improve Your Game
The articles provide in-depth insight and detailed tactical analysis on improving your performance on the squash court. Technical aspects are covered, in words and pictures, on the boast, the drop shot, the lob, the reverse angle, the straight drive, and the cross-court drive. But there are also articles on strategy and the mental aspect of squash, such as Basic Deception, Match Readiness and Temperament.

Get Your Squash Questions Answered at Answerbag
Visitors to this site can ask questions about the game of squash or check out other people's questions and the answers given. Sort the content by answered or unanswered squash questions or confine your viewing to only the most recent Q&As. You may even decide to post your own squash questions for other web surfers to answer!

Discover How to Prevent Injuries on the Squash Court
Do you know what types of injuries are most common for squash players and what the risk factors for them are? Discover the answer on this very informative site. You will also find some general suggestions for staying safe and healthy, along with tips for dealing with injuries sustained on the squash court. Links to more information about athletic injuries have also been provided.

Find Out How to Squash in the Training
Have you started playing squash as part of your fitness routine? Find out why squash is such a physically demanding sport and to get an overview of how to train so that you will be at your best on the squash court during the peak playing season. Suggestions for structuring your squash training week have also been provided.

Temperature Affects How a Squash Ball Bounces
Temperature does play a part in the way a squash ball bounces. This write-up looks at the idea from the point of view of a scientific experiment. Follow along the steps in conducting the experiment, from the initial prediction through the list of equipment needed to conduct the experiment and the scientific knowledge about how heat and cold affects squash balls (and why). The results of the experiment are considered reasonably accurate and demonstrated how heat and cold affect the amount of bounce observed in squash balls dropped from the same height.


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