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Rules to Play Squash Simplified
When you need to find a basic listing of squash rules, this is the site for you. You will find the rules regarding scoring, serving the squash ball, rallies, and lets. Find out what the rules to play squash say about hitting the other player with the ball, how to deal with a situation where one of the players is injured and bleeding, and what type of conduct is considered appropriate on the squash court.

Brush Up on Your Squash Terms with this Handy Glossary
Be sure to bookmark this site to refer to whenever you need to get a squash definition quickly. From Ace to Winner and everything in between, you will find it here! The terms have even been cross-referenced (where appropriate) for your convenience.

Buy the Right Squash Ball for Your Level of Experience
Once you have bought your squash racket, you need to turn your attention to the right kind of ball. Find out about beginner balls, as well as the one and two-dot varieties. The Dunlop Progress squash ball is a good choice for beginners and more experienced players can go with squash equipment purchased online.

Find Out How to Be a More Effective Squash Player at Racketzone
Do you know how to master the nick shot? How about blind spots on the squash court? Check out the articles on the Racketzone web site to get answers to these questions, as well as valuable information about choosing your shot, how to control your racket, keeping an eye on the ball, and much more.

Beginning Squash Players Can Master Their Shots
Squash is a completely different game from tennis and it's tempting for beginners to step onto the squash court and just start whacking away at the ball. This article gives newbies a good overview of which shots will be most effective for them and how variety and timing play a part in mastering this fast-paced game.

Get Educated About How to Play Squash
eHow has provided an interesting series of articles on the topic of how to play the game of squash. You will discover how to use strategy to improve your game, how to dress for squash, and how and why you need to stretch your muscles before you take to the court. You will also get helpful tips for watching a squash game and holding your own tournament. The finer points of the game of squash are covered in articles explaining how to hold a squash racquet and how to hit a rail.


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