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Expert Advice for Buying Squash Balls Offered
This informative guide will give you the information you need to choose the right type for your level of experience. Find out how squash balls are made and what the different colors mean. You will also learn when to replace your squash balls.

Get the Low Down About the Game of Squash
The game of squash originated in England about 150 years ago. Once enjoyed by schoolboys at public schools, this popular sport is now being enjoyed by over 20 million people in 150 countries around the world. The game originally known as rackets is played on an indoor court with a special squash ball and racket. You can check out a diagram of an international squash court and learn what the terms lob, volley, drop shot and rail shots mean. Tips about game strategy have been included, along with profiles of respected squash players Heather McKay and Jansher Khan. If you need help deciphering squash terms, check out the handy glossary; it includes the words' meaning and an example of the term being used in a sentence. Finally, you can test your new knowledge of the game of squash by taking the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Helpful Tips Teach the Fine Art of Playing Squash
Go over the series of drills listed on this informative site to get suggestions on improving your squash game. Check out the criss-cross drill, the backhand volley drill, and the squash forehand volley drill. You will also find a series of quick tips on such subjects as serving and returning a serve, how to keep your head while in competition, and more. The case for including squash as an Olympic sport is presented for your consideration.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words When It Comes to Squash Tips
Rather than read detailed descriptions of ways you can improve your performance on the squash court, why not watch a video instead? Choose from 20 squash-related videos on such topics as digging squash balls out of the corner, how to keep your squash racquet ready, and squash backhand lob tips. Squash forehand lobs are covered, too, along with overhead shots, shots off the back wall, squash volley backhands, and more.

Tactical Squash is Not for Sissies
If you are an experienced squash player looking to improve your game skills, you will want to focus on your tactical game. Check out tips on tactical scoring, including pressure shots and scoring shots. Diagrams are provided so you will know where to position yourself on the court and where to aim your shot. Tactical offense and defense are also covered here. Finally, you will find suggestions for applying these techniques on an actual squash court. A handy Tactical Chart has been provided to help you determine what shot to use to either get point or avoid losing points in the game of squash.


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