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You Can Get in Shape to Play Squash!
Getting into shape to play squash won't happen overnight, but if you follow the suggestions listed here, you will be able to be a more effective player. Get suggestions for improving your aerobic fitness, flexibility, strength, and mental fortitude. Squash coach Tom Generous provides tips for improving your conditioning.

An Overview of Squash as Fast-Paced as the Game Itself
If you want to get a brief overview of the game of squash, this is the site for you! Find out something about its history, the measurements of the squash court, and the type of equipment you need to get started (squash racquet and squash balls). How the game is scored is covered, along with the advantages of taking up squash as a recreational activity. Be sure to check out the helpful videos on trick shots, how to grip your squash racquet, forehand and backhand shots, and how to volley the ball.

You Can Get Fit for Squash - Find Out How!
Since you can burn up to 850 calories during every squash game you play, you will need to make sure you are in good shape before you hit the court. Find out to develop strength and flexibility and get suggestions for aerobic activities you can do to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Suggestions for developing a heightened sense of mental focus while playing squash are also included here.

Get Your Definitive Guide to the Game of Squash Here
Get your own online squash lesson conducted by Liz Irving. Choose from drills designed for intermediate players, basic squash rules, and the tip of the week. You also have the option of watching a game in streaming video format. If you want to see top-ranked squash players in action, check out the Guide to Squash Games section of the site for games featuring male or female players, as well as those played at squash tournaments from around the world.

Get Squash Tips from a Master Player
Squash professional Shahier Razik shows you how to improve your game with the informative videos posted here. Start with the basic backhand shot and once you have a good handle on it, then you can discover how to use a "V" shape grip to hold your squash racket. You can also get tips on how to move your body across the squash court and how to stay balanced, no matter which corner you are in.


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