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Squash is a Fashionable Sport Among Ivy League School Hopefuls
This article explains the reasons why squash is now being taken up by young people who are hoping to gain admission to one of the United States' top universities. For those who can afford to play it, and play it well, squash may well help an applicant get in to a top-ranked school. Is the talent pool for squash players shallow or not? Find out here!

Squash is Not Just a Vegetable; It's a Sport All Children Can Enjoy
Check out this informative article to learn how children in Chicago's South Side are participating in squash as an after-school activity. Playing this sport helps give them a sense of accomplishment, which is reflected in improved grades. (The program also includes time spent with tutors who help the children improve their math and reading skills.) Participants in the program also get the opportunity to participate in a squash tournament

Racket Games Gives You Tips for Improving Your Squash Game
This informative site provides visitors with information about basic squash strokes (forehand and backhand), an overview of basic rules and how to stay safe on the squash court, and game-winning strategies. Also included on the list are tips for serving and returning service, volleying, how to have a winning mentality, and more!

Watch an Expert Video to Discover How to Hit Squash Shots Off the Back Wall
The video presented here demonstrates how to open the face of your squash racquet to improve your game. Find out how the most effective methods for hitting shots off the back wall from a qualified instructor.

Use the Total Squash Approach to Improve Your Game
This site feature squash articles, videos, and training tips from top coaches. You will also find player profiles, along with a series of technical articles covering diet, psychology, and equipment. There is a free content area and paid membership. You can sign up for a free trial to decide if you want to be on the paid membership.

You Can Become a Better Squash Player - Find Out How!
By the time you have finished reading the articles on this informative squash site, you will have discovered how to stretch effectively before you hit the squash court, how to practice on your own, and choosing your shot. The advantages of wearing squash glasses are explained, along with how to use professional training drills to advantage, and the rules of the game of squash.


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