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When it Comes to Squash Racquets, the String's the Thing
You may not give a lot of thought to your squash racquet's strings, but they are an integral part of this important piece of equipment. This informative site will explain why the strings of your squash racquet are even more important than its' frame, what the two major causes of string breakage are, and how to choose the right tension for your game (depending on whether you want more control or more power). Once you have this valuable information in hand, you can make better choices about the best kind of squash equipment for you.

Doubles Squash is a Whole Different Game
Doubles squash gives you the same benefits as the singles game, without requiring the same level of fitness. This guide explains such details as how to choose a squash partner, safety precautions you should be taking on the squash court, tips and tactics, and a summary of the rules. You will also find out what the term "interference" means in the game of squash, how to win strokes, what "no lets" are, how a dropped racket is handled, and more.

Learn from the Best Squash Players in the World at SquashSite in the UK
Check out expert interviews on such topics as fitness, coaching, nutrition, match play, how to improve your squash game, and more. Other videos feature drills, why you need to get fit before you step out onto the squash court, and how to improve your mental game. A series of articles has been provided on how to improve your confidence on the squash court, how to replace your bad habits with good ones, how to prepare yourself mentally for tournaments, and more.

81-Year-Old Squash Player Proves You Are Never Too Old to Take Up the Game
If you think you can't hack playing squash if you are over 50, think again. This profile of octogenarian Kerry Peterson proves you can keep fit and look great at any age. This man plays squash for an hour, three or four times a week. The fact that he has been chasing squash balls on the court for 50 years is truly impressive.

Playing Squash with Someone Who Likes to Hug the Left Corner? No Problem!
If you have ever played squash with someone who likes to stand near the left corner while you serve, you know this can be a challenging situation. Find out the right way to handle it by reading an expert's response to this question and your game will be sure to improve as a result!


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