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Need Ideas for Practicing Squash? Find Out Here!
If you want to improve your squash game, you need to practice. Get ideas for drills that you can practice on the squash court with a partner to improve your skills in consistent rail stroking, deep rails and volleys, consistent stroking and good movement, and more.

Improve Your Squash Game With These Great Tips
Find out the right way to watch the ball, the best technique to grip your racquet to achieve the most effective power shots, and the two types of stamina needed to play the game of squash effectively. Another interesting portion of this web site is advice on how to effectively serve the ball and why it's more important to focus on your opponent's return.

Squash Rules, Plain and Simple
This simple, five-page document explains squash rules in a straightforward manner. Learn about service, return of service, how the game is scored, and how to win the game. In addition, rules about staying out of your opponent's way and what happens if the ball touches another player while in play are set out.

Can't Take Squash Lessons at a Club? Take Them Online Instead!
A series of squash lessons for players at different levels is presented here. Start with the basics, such as which squash ball to use, how much force you should use to hit the ball, and how to grip your squash racquet properly. You will also learn how to handle a situation where you are playing against a weaker player, whether you should be watching the ball or keeping your eyes on your opponent, how to optimize your squash training, and much more. Find out whether you are eating the right foods as a competitive squash player, and how to stretch your muscles effectively before a game of squash.

Learn How to Play Squash from a Professional Coach
On this site by a squash professional, fnd out the difference between squash and mini squash, which is played by children aged 5-11 years. You will also get the facts about why regular exercise is so important for kids, and helpful tips for playing squash effectively.


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